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BlueTree CMS

We use Portishead Pretzels to demo and test BlueTree CMS.

BlueTree CMS is a simple Content Management System. It does all the things that small business owner/managers need, and none of the things they don’t. It’s not confusing and there’s no messing about with tech stuff, plug-ins, and the like. Around it, we wrap a complete service to help you create, grow, and profit from, your Internet presence.

We made BlueTree CMS for two reasons:

  1. To meet a need: People were paying us to maintain their WordPress sites because they found it too difficult, and they should be able to do it themselves
  2. We’ re able to do it: We’ve developed several CMSs, very specialised ones, and we already have an extensive library of the components required

What Is a Simple CMS

It’s one that just does what a small business needs, nothing more.

On this page you can read about BlueTree CMS features and the service we deliver with it. Some you’d expect; some you wouldn’t. All are essential to your internet presence. None add unnecessary complexity and confusion. They’re divided into sections:

  1. Website creation: the perfect design to reflect your brand, values and business ethos
  2. Site-wide features: total content flexibility whilst preserving your brand on all pages
  3. Page-level features: control page format, name, position: make it how you want it
  4. Security: hide your contact details from spammers and control access to updates
  5. Digital marketing: put your website to work and get a return on your investment
  6. Optional extras: keep costs down: only pay for things you need
  7. On-going support: together we’ll keep your website in tip-top condition

Website Creation Features

  • Collaborative design process: We design your website together: it’s fast and effective
  • Pre-design task sheet: Kick-starts the design process; guarantees good results
  • On-line project monitor: Client always in control
  • Responsive website design: Mobile-friendly, adjusts for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Favicon to support your brand: The icon you see in web browser address bar and tabs
  • Fast-loading web pages: Search engines reward fast sites with higher search rank
  • Works in all recent browsers: Everyone (almost) can see it properly [Back to top]

Site-wide CMS Features

Update your website just like you’d update any other business document.

  • Cloud-based CMS: Edit your website yourself – when you want, from anywhere in the world
  • Two-stage update: Save your edits off-line, publish when "the boss” is happy
  • Single source for company data: Easy to change,  your address and phone number protected from spammers, consistent display across your website
  • Site properties dialogue: Single source for site-wide data, change once fix everywhere
  • Menu management: You control where pages appear on your website
  • Cookie policy message included: Required by UK and EU law for registered businesses using analytics
  • Templates control page format: Every page reflects your brand, no matter who updates it
  • Image library manager: Easily upload new images to your own image library
  • Document manager: Single source for on-line documents, link from any page
  • Editing notes: a private page on your site where you can keep notes, for ease of access, such as image sizes and sitewide content codes [Back to top]

Page-level Content Management Features

Page-wide features provide control page numbers, locations and access to essential SEO data.

  • WYSIWYG editor :Update in-situ, as you see it on the page
  • Edit, add, delete, rename page: Does it allno future cost surprises
  • One, two and three column pages: Choose from web page templates, all with your branding
  • Unlimited number of pages*: No charge for extra pages; create them yourself
  • Unlimited number of images*: No charge for extra images; upload them yourself
  • Unlimited number of documents*: Upload documents for your customers to download
  • Unlimited number of movies*: Hosted on YouTube, run them within your web pages
  • Page settings dialogue: Edit title, description and keyword meta-tags for SEO
  • "Contact us” template: Editable text and images with data collection form, your office location displayed on a Google map
  • Special "landing page” format: Unique pay-per-click and email advertising target page template, to improve conversion rates
  • Multiple paragraph styles: Pre-defined styles for headings, paragraphs etc., maintains your brand on every page
  • Word-processor formatting tools: Bold, italic, fonts, colours, bulleted and numbered lists
  • Table formatting: Add tables to your pages  [Back to top]

* Within reason: BlueTree Fair Use Policy

Security Features

Online security is a serious issue

  • Secure login: Only nominated people can update your site
  • Your details hidden from crawlers: Automated spam collectors can’t see your email address
  • Validated input forms: We make sure no one can type code into your database and take over your website for nefarious purposes
  • Carbon-neutral, UK website hosting on the Internet backbone: Fast page load speeds and no US snooping, plus local UK hosting in a terrorist-proof bunker
  • Copy of your website: Should you choose to leave us we’ll provide a complete copy of your website in a format your new webmaster can use.  [Back to top]

Digital Marketing Features

A website is no good to you if it just sits there costing money, it should earn its keep. These are the essential features needed to support a profitable Internet presence.

  • Top-level domain (TLD) email address: Enhance your business identity with a @yourdomain.co.uk TLD email address
  • Email forwarders: Forward emails to your usual email service for convenience
  • Social media integration: Links to your social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,  Pinterest, and others...
  • Search engine friendly: We take care of under-the-hood details others charge for
  • Built-in image optimisation: Makes your web pages load faster, an SEO essential
  • Automatic XML sitemap: Search engines use this to crawl your site
  • Automatic 301 redirects: Rename a page without creating broken links, bad for SEO
  • Maintain Title, Description and Keyword meta tags: Help search engines understand your site’s content without paying extra for an “SEO pack”
  • Includes robots.txt file: A webmaster basic and SEO essential that’s often forgotten
  • What to do next: Resources to help your digital marketing efforts
  • Google analytics: Just ask if you’d like it installed [Back to top]

Optional extras

For those with additional business requirements, we offer some optional features.

  • BlueTree Shop: Easy-to-use eCommerce system
    • use the same CMS as you use to maintain your website:
    • Simple eCommerce solution
    • items for sale, with image, description and price
    • integrated, secure PayPal shopping cart, reflects your brand
    • most cards accepted
  • BlueTree Blog: Easy-to-use blogging system
    • use the same CMS as you use to maintain your website
    • Pre- and post-dated posts
    • Auto-post to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
    • Pre-post social media review
    • Optional comments, with moderation facility
    • Simple “Captcha” system reduces spam
    • Not a spam target like a WordPress blog
  • Portfolio template: Show off your work using our special projects pages
  • Bespoke templates: Just ask and we’ll create one for you
  • Branded 404 error page: Keep visitors on your site if they land on a deleted page
  • We build your website for you: You can do it yourself through our CMS, but we will build it for you if you prefer [Back to top]

On-going Support – all inclusive

On-going support from your own experienced webmaster.

  • Use of your CMS:Update your website from anywhere in the world
  • Help with CMS queries:We’re always here to help if you get stuck
  • Upgrades and fixes:From time to time we add features: you’ll get them too
  • Underlying software updates:We manage all updates to the operating system, database and other 3rd-party software so you suffer no down time
  • Website monitoring:We check your website every five minutes to make sure it’s available all of the time
  • Host response time speed checks:We monitor your server’s response time every five minutes
  • Email support:If your email (that we set up) goes down, we’ll fix it promptly
  • Web space:500mB for your site and email folders – usually plenty
  • Those little extras:Got an urgent update? Want a difficult image cropped and optimised? Just email us.
  • Fair use policy:We love to help but, if you use too much space, time or bandwidth, we may have to charge a little extra :o) [Back to top]


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