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Welcome to Portishead Pretzels -
BlueTree's CMS testbed

We are Portishead Pretzels

We are a fictional company designed to help demonstrate updating your website using BlueTree’s CMS, or Content Management System. We hope you’ll like our baking, too!

About BlueTree CMS

They call it a Simple, or Simplified, Content Management System: an SCMS. It’s designed to put small business owners and managers in control of their websites. Similar to any word proceessor, it's quick to learn, easy to use and remember. It won't suddenly display a blank page if you press some odd combination of keys. It contains everything, no more and no less, that a small business needs to maintain a website and promote it to search engines and on  social media.

They use this Portishead Pretzels website to demonstrate how easy it is to use or CMS. Apparently, they also use it for testing new features as we (sorry, they) add them.

Why Did Portishead Pretzels Choose BlueTree?

We were impressed with BlueTree's people, their process, other sites they've made - and by what other BlueTree CMS users say about them. We found:

  • brand review, to ensure our message and image is consistent
  • great, unique design, which really enhances our brand
  • fast, interactive design process: we met up with them to develop our website design, and had our say all the way through
  • low on-going costs: we can update our website ourselves, whenever we want
  • updates anywhere: so long as we have Internet access, we can upate our site
  • any device: our website works on tablet, i-Pad, mobile phone, or even on my laptop
  • encrypted: our website is protected from snoopers, our SSL certificate included in the cost
  • small business value: we felt we received really good value for money
  • professional email address: they arranged ours for us ()
  • fixed price: they charged exactly what they said they'd charge
  • no hassle: website, CMS, hosting, email and on-going support, all in one great package
  • carbon-neutral hosting, to match our environmental protection policy
  • we were in control: we monitored their progress on our own private plan page

All this and more! Visit BlueTree Website Design to find out more!

Take back control of your website: Call BlueTree now! 0117 339 0095.



Find us

Portishead Pretzels, AKA BlueTree Website Design
16A Beach Road West
BS20 7HR

Why We made our CMS

BlueTree made this CMS (Content Management System) to help small businesses take, and keep, control of their Internet Image.