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Pretzel Bottle Opener

This gilded bottle opener is a must for sun-downer drinkies - or any beer and pretzel picnic for that matter. Itself little bigger than a bottle-top, it fits nicely into your purse or change pocket, ready for use in the drop of an empty pretzel packet.

Imagine: the sun’s going down in Portishead, you’re sitting on the beach, looking out at a wonderful sunset over the Brecon Beacons. You’ve a bottle of Becks and a plate of pretzels, a group of old friends and a bit of good banter. What more could you want?

Actually, beer and pretzels are great at any time of day. In parts of Germany, pretzels and beer form the heart of brotzeit, AKA “second breakfast”. For farmers, milkmen, Uber drivers, and other workers who start very early, this small snack of pretzels, sausage, mustard and cheese helps keep them going until lunchtime.

Time to buy your first (next?) pretzel bottle opener, right now!


Price: £9.99

Stock: No stock (we can make more!)